Eureka Kid's Space Quest
3D space adventure game teaching & testing children aged 8-14+ yrs

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Eureka Kids Space Quest


Eureka Multimedia is an Australian software company making affordable children’s edutainment and educational software for Aussie children.


Space Quest is an action-packed and highly interactive 3D space adventure game teaching and testing children aged 8-14+ years facts about each planet in our solar system through interactive video, quizzes and engaging game play.


Earth’s Central Intelligence Agency has intercepted communications from the Slymoids and uncovered their plan of conquering Earth. They have placed 10 tractor beams throughout our Solar System, guiding their Battle Cruisers into very threatening positions.


Engage robots, space ships and the dreaded Slymoids as you attempt to disable these tractor beams located on each planet and then return back to Earth safely.


Watch fascinating videos on each planet of our solar system and answer the questions presented to unlock each security panel as you progress through each of the levels.


For ages 8 to 14.


Eureka Kids Space Quest includes:


  • Over 30 levels of engaging gameplay.
  • Over 60 minutes of interactive video. 
  • Facts on the formation of our solar system, comets, asteroids and famous astronomers and astronauts. 
  • Facts on each of the planets that make up our solar system. 
  • Facts on all past Apollo moon missions. 
  • Printable 92-page reference and activity book containing the latest planetary facts. 


Eureka Kid’s Space Quest System Requirements:


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 32-bit operating system (not 64-bit compatible), Pentium III 32MB RAM, 800x600 screen resolution, 3D video card, sound card


PACKAGING: DVD-style case


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