Living Book Just Grandma & Me
Join Little Critter for a fun-filled day at the beach with his lovable Grandma!

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Just Grandma & Me Living Book


An interactive story for ages 3 to 7


From The Learning Company/Broderbund

This great story by Mercer Mayer was adapted
for the computer by Living Books.


Join Little Critter for a fun-filled day at the beach with his lovable Grandma.

Critter finds all kinds of things to do at the beach. He goes snorkeling, flies a kite and covers grandma up with sand. He also finds a nice seashell for Grandma. Can you guess what is inside?

This is the 2nd version of this Living Book. In addition to the story there is a sticker activity on each page and a fun game where kids build their own sand castles.

Kids love the Living Books with great stories, beautiful graphics and tons of clickable hotspots.  Text is highlighted as the story is read increasing reading comprehension and confidence.  Kids can also click on individual words to hear them read.

Choose to have the story read to you or play in the story.  You can interact with the story in English, Spanish, German and French. Change languages easily on every page.

This is a wonderful story with beautiful graphics that kids love to play and share with someone special, like Grandma. 

Skills Developed in Living Books Just Grandma and Me:


  • Word recognition
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension


Whether the story is new or familiar to them, kids will delight in exploring the freshly animated world of Little Critter and his lovable Grandma.



Just Grandma & Me Living Book System requirements:


Windows XP/works on Vista, Windows 7*, 8*, & 10*; Pentium processor; 16MB RAM; 256 colours, 640x480 resolution display; 8x cd-rom drive; Soundblaster 16 or compatible soundcard; mouse and keyboard

* reduced size in middle of screen, some users may be able to get fullscreen if applying 640x480 display compatibility settings, but this is not guaranteed



PACKAGING: Graphic sleeve


Jewel case available for an additional $5.


Please choose your packaging preference from the drop-down list when ordering.

Step by step installation instructions will be included with your product.




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Currently there are no reviews for this product.
Does this work on a 4 year old desktop apple mac ??? Hope so. Julie

Sorry Julie, it won't. If you have a look at the system requirements, it hasn't worked on a Mac for a very long time because Macs are not backward compatible. You would need to purchase a program that allows you to install Windows programs, such as Parallels Desktop.

Is this book interactive like the original;,For example click on the mailbox it opens, click on the hotdog stand & I think smoke came out of the chimney.

It is exactly the same as the original, it's the Windows XP version. There have been no updates since the XP version in the early 2000's. If you already own this version (not to be confused with the Windows 98 version) & need instructions on how to get it work with your Windows 7 or 8 version don't hesitate to email us at

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