Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It?
Join Bob in 12 fix it fun activities. Different skill levels cater to a range of abilities & ages from 3 upwards

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 Bob the Builder Can We Fix It? 

Get ready for fun, excitement and non stop laughs with Bob the Builder and his Team.  

Join Bob in 12 fix it fun activities that include Bubble Trouble, Where is Pilchard, Hedgehog Rescue and Wendy's Birthday. Different skill levels cater to a range of abilities and ages from 3 upwards.

 With varied difficulty levels, Bob the Builder voices, music and characters from the TV show, kids of all ages will be saying:

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!


Bob the Builder Can We Fix It? features: 

Suitable for different skill levels cater to a range of abilities and ages from 3 upwards.

Combines the appeal of the television series with the fun of an interactive format

A variety of activities, which cater to a range of skill levels and abilities

Knock down an old bridge with Lofty's wrecking ball

Build it Up - Help Muck rebuild the wall

Cake-tastic - Help Bob decorate a cake for Wendy's birthday

Wild West Wendy - Join in the line-dancing with Bob and Wendy

Plumbing Puzzle - fix the correct pipes to the radiator - watch out for leaks!

Can We Fix It? Of course we can. With this BBC software package little builders will be better equipped than ever! Featuring the chirpy Bob and his mechanical multitude of talented friends, this fun package is a mixture of educational encouragement and pure out-and-out fun.

Once loaded, you are invited to move the cursor around Wendy's office to select your tasks: hover over the phone, and it rings with a plumbing job; go near the fax, and a job comes in for Roley. Keep moving around, and you will find enough jobs to keep little fingers and minds busy for hours.

In "Hedgehog Rescue", the aim is firstly to help Lofty the Crane build a tunnel to save the scared hedgehogs from crossing the road. Children must match pipe shapes to tunnel shapes, and construct the route. The next, more difficult game, involves Wendy herding the hedgehogs into the tunnel - easier than it sounds, since one particularly persistent hedgehog seems unwilling to go.

In "Travis' Race Day", choose between Scoop or Dizzy to a head-to-head around an obstacle-strewn track. Guide your challenger by mouse or arrow keys--again, not as easy as it sounds, and a great developmental aid for hand-to-eye co-ordination.

"Can We Build It?" involves knocking down an unsafe bridge, then using colour recognition to match the bricks to rebuild it. Roley needs a hand with unruly tarmac in "Bubble Trouble", when you must guide him over the bubbles to even out the road. And in "Scary Spud", you must move Spud around the screen to scare off the crows. But the crowning glory is "Wendy's Birthday", where guests first decorate her cake then join in the fun line dancing. Also included on each game is "Where's Pilchard?", a hide-and-seek game for the shy, blue cat.

Bob the Builder Can We Fix It? System Requirements
Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7 with administrator priviledges only 
PII 200MHz; 32MB of RAM
8x CD-ROM drive; High colour (16 bit) display
SoundBlaster 16 sound card (or 100% compatible)
Speakers or headphones; Keyboard or Mouse

 PACKAGING: DVD style case

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