Laptops / notebooks

XP Laptop/notebook owners please note:

If you do not update your graphics card driver to the latest version you may have problems with your software.  


Our technical support can help you to update the graphics card driver that is on your notebook/laptop, eliminating 99% of issues with games.  Of course this is only true if your laptop/notebook meets or exceeds the system requirements of a game in the first place.


It is common for older laptops to have XP Professional instead of XP Home edition. Professional is designed for optimal business application operation, and does not take kindly to the graphics demands of many games, so we recommend a 3D graphics card (such as Nvidia) be installed on these notebooks. 

We have not found the same issues with Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 (any versions), which are much more game-friendly.



Please contact for help updating your drivers.

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