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  • Windows 10 compatible software

Almost all new PC's are being sold with Windows 10 64-bit, so the products we add to this category have been successfully tested on the 64-bit version. 

Please keep in mind that they may require manual installation, compatibility settings applied, or even both in order to work.  Our technical support will be more than happy to assist you with those.

Screen size may also be a smallish window in the middle of your monitor, as most children's games were designed years ago, not for the high-resolution monitors we have today.

Windows 10 compatible programs

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I Can Animate v2

The leading stop frame animation software for home or school use

Reading for Literacy 1 Home Edition download version

Updated version of this great Australian reading software for ages 5 to 7

Reading for Literacy 6 Home Edition download version

Updated version of this great Australian reading software for ages 10 to 12

Reading for Literacy Home Edition disc

Updated version of this great Australian reading software.

Disney Piglet's Big Game

Children aged 4 to 7 explore the Hundred Acre Wood & solve brain-teasing puzzles...

Professor Teaches Windows 8.1 download version

Windows only award-winning computer training software for Windows 8.1

Arthurs Thinking Games

Ages 3 to 7 will build critical thinking and logic skills with Arthur & his friends....

Arthurs 1st Grade

Kids aged 5 to 7 learn essential first grade skills with Arthur and his friends.

Arthurs Birthday Living Book

Arthur stars in another Living Book adventure!

Arthurs 2nd Grade

15 different educational & 20 creativity activities for ages 7 to 9

DK My First Amazing Incredible Dictionary 2.2

Compatible with 64-bit computers up to & including Windows 10

Arthurs Sand Castle Contest

Problem-solving fun with Arthur for ages 4 to 7

Reader Rabbit Toddler v2.0 aka Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby & Toddler

For ages 1 to 3, this is the best computer program available to teach young children...

Arthurs Math Games

Join Arthur and his friends at the school carnival to learn lots of early maths &...

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Ultimate International School Windows edition

Network version of the world's leading touch typing program. New installations only....

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Ultimate Windows edition

The world's leading touch typing program for adults and kids from late primary school...
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