Software programs for university students, with a particular focus on required english, maths, typing & science skills. 

University student software

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High Achiever Algebra

Algebra for Years 9 to 12. Choose from Algebra 1, Algebra 2 or Algebra Booster

Typing Arcade download version

Typing game for ages 7 and up

Speedstudy Chemistry download version

Comprehensive Chemistry software download for ages 14 and up

Speedstudy English Composition download version

English composition learning program for ages 13+, covers essay writing, research...

Speedstudy English Vocabulary download version

Vocabulary learning program For ages 10+

Speedstudy English Grammar download version

Grammar learning program for ages 10+

Speedstudy Trigonometry download version

Trigonometry software download for high school students ages 14 and up

Speedstudy Basic Statistics download version

Comprehensive high school maths basic statistics learning program

High Achiever Grammar

High Achiever Grammar for Grades 10-12 is curriculum based software for academic...

Speedstudy Pre Calculus download version

Speedstudy Pre Calculus comprehensive high school maths download. Includes Functions,...

Speedstudy Calculus download version

Speedstudy Calculus comprehensive high school maths download

Speedstudy Algebra 2 download version

Learn algebra on your Windows PC

Speedstudy Algebra Booster download version

Downloadable maths program for high school students

Typing Instructor Platinum 21 download version

Please do not add this purchase to your shopping cart, but enter the page for the...

High Achiever Study Skills

Study skills teaches you the basics with unique step-by-step animations. The lessons...

High Achiever Vocabulary

High school kids in grades 9 to 12 learn to pronounce, spell and use words correctly....
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