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Disney Piglet's Big Game

Children aged 4 to 7 explore the Hundred Acre Wood & solve brain-teasing puzzles...

Freddi Fish 4 The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch (32-bit only)

3-8 year olds join Freddi Fish & Luther on an underwater western adventure by Humongous...

Dora the Explorer Dora's World Adventure computer game (XP only)

To save Friendship Day, Dora needs to team up with Swiper, and you, for a world adventure....

Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Gather up your courage to confront the myths of Blackmoor Manor in the latest Nancy...

Arthurs Thinking Games

Ages 3 to 7 will build critical thinking and logic skills with Arthur & his friends....

Turbo Pizza

The original best-selling time management game for PC

Turbo Subs

Another great game in the best selling time management Turbo series

Arthurs Sand Castle Contest

Problem-solving fun with Arthur for ages 4 to 7

Mias Math Adventure: Just in Time!

Kids aged 6 to 10 join Mia & her friends on a maths learning adventure with fantastic...

Zoombinis Island Odyssey

Build important logical-reasoning skills and explore scientific concepts as you restore...

Disney Fun & Skills Preschool to 1st Grade

4 full programs including Mickey Mouse Kindergarten, Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten,...

Nancy Drew Lights Camera Curses!

Nancy Drew is undercover on the set of the remake of the movie Pharaoh searching...

Dora the Explorer Lost City Adventure

Join Dora the Explorer and her friends as they search for her lost bear - Osito!

Adventure Workshop 9th Edition 4th to 6th Grade

4 full programs including Carmen Sandiego, ClueFinders, Mighty Math Number Heroes,...

Psychometric Testing V3 IQ Builder

Devised by top MENSA puzzle editors and test experts, these stimulating tests will...

Clifford Thinking Adventures

Join Clifford the Big Red Dog for some logic, problem solving, matching, memory games...
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