Need a children's mouse, mouse pad, children's keyboard or headphones with a microphone?

Stereo headphones with microphone

Computer Accessories - Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones with microphone etc

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HoverCam Solo 8

Possibly the best document camera ever built, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed performance, 8.0...

Keyboard for kids lower case letters plain font

A keyboard for children with large colour coded buttons & lower case letters. Excellent...

Children's headphones with microphone

Especially designed for kids, with noise-cancelling microphone and volume limiting...

Hovercam Solo 8 Splashtop Bundle

View and Control Your HoverCam Using Your Tablet, Wirelessly! Choose from 3 or 40...

Chester Creek LittleMouse

2-button children's mouse without scroll wheel for Windows & Mac

Chester Mouse

Green means go! One button computer mouse for kids

Chester Creek Tiny Mouse

Children's or seniors optical computer mouse - about half the size of a standard...

LessonBoard colour coded computer keyboard

Standard QWERTY keyboard with a colour-coded by finger layout to show correct finger...

4GB Thumbdrive for download software

USB Thumbdrive 4GB capacity, buy whichever download programs you like, & we will...

Hovercam Z5

Hovercam Z5 is a very capable 5.0 MegaPixel USB camera with speeds of 15 frames/sec...


Gorgeous wired computer mouse for kids, squeeze the head anywhere design, different...

HoverCam AirStation

Move around your classroom without having to be attached to your computer when using...

Hovercam Microscope Adapters

Allows use of your existing Hovercam with any monocular microscope, enabling the...

Hovercam Solo 5

The world's fastest 5MP document camera. Twice the T3. Double the resolution. Premium-level...

BIGtrack Trackball

BIGtrack is a ruggedly built mouse that has a 7.62cm trackball, over-sized left and...

BIGmack communicator

Our most popular single message dedicated speech generating device enables you to...
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