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Computer Classroom Single User version

School version of popular Australian Nightingale Software Computer Classroom

Glasklar Mammals

A multimedia science cd-rom perfect for the science student for projects & study.

Speedstudy Chemistry download version

Comprehensive Chemistry software download for ages 14 and up

Speedstudy Physics 2 download version

Speedstudy Physics 2 digital download

Computer Classroom 2-user version

School 2-user version of popular Australian Nightingale Software Computer Classroom....

Computer Classroom School network version

School unlimited user network version of popular Australian Nightingale Software...

DK Pinball Science 2.1

David Macaulay's completely new and original way to learn the FUNdamentals of Physics!

Thinkin Science Zap!

Experiment with light, sound and electricity. Students ages 8-11+ practice valuable...

Speedstudy Physics 1 download version

Speedstudy Physics 1 digital downloads for ages 14+

High Achiever Physics

Interactive multimedia physics lessons for Years 9 to 12

High Achiever Biology

Excellent science software for high school students in Years 9 to 12.

Discover Science download version

Ages 9+ learn science in a fun way!

Kid Science Nature

Interactive science program for children aged 9 to 12

Kid Science Physics

Ages 9+ Fun filled physics experiments for kids. Video demonstrations of fun experiments....

Sammy's Science House

An introduction to science for ages 3 to 7. TouchWindow & single switch compatible.

Wonders of the World series

Choose from Wonders of the Ancient World, Wonders of the Modern World or Wonders...
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