Maths software for Grade 1 through to Grade 6

Primary School Maths - Grades 1 to 6 (ages 7-12)

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Maths Made Easy Bundle Home user disc

All 6 levels of Maths Made Easy for home or single users on one disc

Manic Maths Totally Mental value bundle Single User disc

All 3 levels of Manic Maths in digital download format. Choose from Home or School...

Jumpstart 2nd Grade

Use maths, science, grammar, & other skills to solve the many challenges found in...

Jumpstart 3rd Grade

Master skills in Maths, Science, Reading, History, and more!

Jumpstart 4th Grade

Master skills in Maths, Geography, Grammar, Science, and more!

Braintastic Mega Bundle Single User download version

Bundle of all 14 levels of the Braintastic series ages 5-15+ - includes Maths, Reading...

JumpStart Numbers maths software

Kids aged 5 to 8 learn maths as they play in three exciting fantasy lands.

Braintastic Maths Bundle Single User download version

All 5 levels of Edalive's Braintastic maths in one bundle

Maths Made Easy Level 1 V2 Single User download version

Updated version of this great Australian curriculum-based maths software for ages...

Maths Made Easy Level 3 v2 disc

Updated version of this excellent Australian curricula software for ages 7 to 9....

Maths Made Easy Level 4 v2 disc

Ages 8 to 10 fully updated version of this excellent Australian curricula software....

Mult-e Maths Toolbox download version

Interactive whiteboard maths program aimed at Primary Schools for ages 3-11. Choose...

Lets Learn About Time & Date

Learn all about seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, time zones and more!

Lets Learn About Location & Direction

Learn all about directions, latitude, longitude & different types of maps!

Mind Twister Math

A fast paced fun maths game that will help kids aged 8 to 10 process maths facts...

Mighty Math Calculating Crew (32-bit only)

Students aged 8 to 12 (3rd to 6th Grade) learn about multiplication & division of...
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