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Thinkin Things Collection 1

Activities for ages 4-8 that strengthen auditory & visual discrimination, develop...

Thinkin Science Zap!

Experiment with light, sound and electricity. Students ages 8-11+ practice valuable...

Sammy's Science House

An introduction to science for ages 3 to 7. TouchWindow & single switch compatible.

Millie & Bailey Preschool

Preschoolers will learn letters, shapes & numbers in 21 activities in 8 locations....

Millie & Bailey Kindergarten

Join the award-winning Millie & Bailey on 8 learning activities that help develop...

Mind Twister Math

A fast paced fun maths game that will help kids aged 8 to 10 process maths facts...

Mighty Math Calculating Crew (32-bit only)

Students aged 8 to 12 (3rd to 6th Grade) learn about multiplication & division of...

Trudy's Time & Place House

Children aged 3 to 6 explore time & geography in this Edmark classic cd-rom. TouchWindow...

Thinkin Things Collection 2

Critical thinking, visual thinking, concentration, auditory memory, listening skills...

Millies Math House

This product is now obsolete and only available in the Teachers Pet Edmark Preschool...

Thinkin Things Collection 3

This title is now obsolete, and only available as part of the Teachers Pet Middle...

Teachers Pet Edmark Preschool to Kindergarten collection DVD-ROM

One DVD-ROM with Baileys Book House, Sammys Science House, Millies Math House, Trudys...

Teachers Pet Early Primary School collection DVD-ROM

Teachers Pet Edmark Early Elementary : One DVD-ROM with Zoombinis Island Odyssey,...

Teachers Pet Middle & Upper Primary School Collection

Stage 2 & 3 learning programs incliuded: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Thinkin...

Teachers Pet Early Primary School collection on Thumb Drive

2GB Thumb Drive containing Zoombinis Island Odyssey, Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum,...

Teachers Pet Middle & Upper Primary School Collection on Thumb Drive

Stage 2 & 3 learning programs included on a 2GB Thumb Drive: Where in the World is...
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