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Mind Twister Math

A fast paced fun maths game that will help kids aged 8 to 10 process maths facts...

Thinkin Things Collection 2

Critical thinking, visual thinking, concentration, auditory memory, listening skills...

Mighty Math Calculating Crew (32-bit only)

Students aged 8 to 12 (3rd to 6th Grade) learn about multiplication & division of...

Millies Math House

This product is now obsolete and only available in the Teachers Pet Edmark Preschool...

Sammy's Science House

An introduction to science for ages 3 to 7. TouchWindow & single switch compatible.

Thinkin Things Collection 1

Activities for ages 4-8 that strengthen auditory & visual discrimination, develop...

Thinkin Things Sky Island Mysteries

Activities for ages 8-12+ that strengthen logic & deduction, explore language & mutlimedia...

Thinkin Science Zap!

Experiment with light, sound and electricity. Students ages 8-11+ practice valuable...

Trudy's Time & Place House

Children aged 3 to 6 explore time & geography in this Edmark classic cd-rom. TouchWindow...

Baileys Book House

This title is now obsolete, and only available as part of the Teachers Pet Edmark...

Theme Weavers

Theme Weavers Nature or Animals - perfect for homeschoolers, teachers & tutors

Teachers Pet Early Primary School collection on Thumb Drive

2GB Thumb Drive containing Zoombinis Island Odyssey, Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum,...

Teachers Pet Middle & Upper Primary School Collection on Thumb Drive

Stage 2 & 3 learning programs included on a 2GB Thumb Drive: Where in the World is...

Teachers Pet Edmark Preschool to Kindergarten collection DVD-ROM

One DVD-ROM with Baileys Book House, Sammys Science House, Millies Math House, Trudys...

Travel the World with Timmy Deluxe

2 additional countries - France & Russia - have been added to this Deluxe edition....

Teachers Pet Early Primary School collection DVD-ROM

Teachers Pet Edmark Early Elementary : One DVD-ROM with Zoombinis Island Odyssey,...
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