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Arthurs Thinking Games

Ages 3 to 7 will build critical thinking and logic skills with Arthur & his friends....

Arthurs 1st Grade

Kids aged 5 to 7 learn essential first grade skills with Arthur and his friends.

Arthurs 2nd Grade

15 different educational & 20 creativity activities for ages 7 to 9

Arthurs Sand Castle Contest

Problem-solving fun with Arthur for ages 4 to 7

Zoombinis Island Odyssey

Build important logical-reasoning skills and explore scientific concepts as you restore...

Reader Rabbit Toddler v2.0 aka Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby & Toddler

For ages 1 to 3, this is the best computer program available to teach young children...

Arthurs Math Games

Join Arthur and his friends at the school carnival to learn lots of early maths &...

Nickelodeon Nick-o-matic Design Factory

Massive creativity program with your Nickelodeon favourites. 650 ready projects &...

Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Jay Jay Earns His Wings

Plenty of preschool to kindergarten skills with the enchanting Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Kid Pix Deluxe 4 cd-rom

XP version of the most popular kids creative software.

Adventure Workshop 9th Edition 4th to 6th Grade

4 full programs including Carmen Sandiego, ClueFinders, Mighty Math Number Heroes,...

Reader Rabbit Preschool Colours & Shapes workbook

Includes 25 reward stickers & a certificate!

Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective (32-bit only)

Kids 5-8 travel around the world looking for Carmen & learning lots of amazing facts

ClueFinders Mystery Mansion Arcade

Can you help the ClueFinders escape from their arcade traps and reveal the identity...

Mighty Math Flash Cards

Available in division, fractions or multiplication.

Kid Pix Studio Deluxe (32-bit only)

Paint program for ages 3 to 12. Kids can create slide shows, movies, digital puppets...
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